New LCS Community Centre ~ The Old NCRC School

This Section to be populated with updates on the LCS New Community Centre, the the transformation of the old NSRC School.


The Northside Community Recreation Centre. 

Plans documents and updates coming soon. 

These are a few photo-snapped imaged from the NCRC documents at the end of the hallway.  They are very dark, so we'll upgrade them with original docs from qRD as soon as we can. 

New NCRC Multipurpose Building

The plans as have been developed at this time are all on the wall in the Lund Community Centre, some shown in the photos here. We have also held at least two open houses .Of course the Centre is only open now for the Pre School during COVID. We plan on paying for the addition with grants and the funds we have already saved (almost $500,000).We are awaiting news of a grant now. Parking is a big problem but we are working on it. We have a Building Committee that meets once a month (on hold now due to Covid restrictions) and you are welcome to attend, view all the info and plans and give feedback.


One resident's feedback : Is Lund Community Society adhering to the Official Lund Community plan re noise, parking and disruption to the neighbourhood. Especially liquor regulations. Minutes from a meeting and survey regarding the (generously donated) Gazebo property indicate some people are asking for looser regulations around large social gatherings. The BC Government has a guideline for gatherings in small rural communities. Hopefully it will be respected. 

Ronnie is up to speed if any further updates are required. 

Hopefully the qRD can provide some cleanup-to date images and pdf versions of the report for everyone to review here. Stay tuned for updates.