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This Section includes current qRD related projects in Lund.

This section is work in progress as we build effective communications and community engagement tools. 

It is great that the Regional district is asking for input from us,  so please think about it. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

qRD Newsletters

qNews – qathet Regional District’s Newsletter

July 2022 ~

Electoral Area A Director Updates

July 2022 ~

qRD media Releases

Here's a list of recent media releases from the qRD

Sept 2, 2022 ~ qRD Media Release: Judge rules in favour of qRD and Electoral Area ‘C’ Director in BC Supreme Court Case

July 4, 2022 ~ qathet Regional District to Engage Lasqueti Island Residents on Emergency Dispatch Options

July 4, 2022 ~ qRD releases Statement of Financial Information & Audited Financial Statements for the year ending December 31, 2021

June 10, 2022 ~ qathet Regional District Beautifies Texada Island Parks and Properties with BC Hydro ReGreening Grant

June 6, 2022 ~ qathet Waste Wise App Introduced to Improve Waste Management Awareness

May 18, 2022 ~ Savary Island Outdoor Fire Ban Begins June 1, 2022 

April 29, 2022 ~ qathet Regional District Receives Provincial and Federal Funding to Help Build NCRC Addition

 April 29,  2022 ~ Emergency Preparedness Week (May 1st to 7th) test of the qathet Regional Community Notification System on  Tuesday, May 3rd at 1:15 pm click to register here 

  Mar 24, 2022 ~ Regional Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy 

  Mar 31, 2022 ~ Regional Hospital District Board Adopts 2022 Budget

  Feb 25, 2022 ~ 2022 Operating and Capital Budgets and the 2022 – 2026 Five-Year Financial Plan

  Jan 19, 2022 ~ qathet Regional District has set a capacity limit for the Regional District Boardroom

  Jan 17, 2022 ~ Live Fire Training Facility has been installed at the newly  Northside Volunteer Fire Department fire hall in Lund

  Jan 4, 2022 ~ qathet Regional District’s 2022 Standing Meeting Schedule


  Nov 2, 2021 ~ qRD Board additional borrowing to complete the Marine Avenue Resource Recovery Centre Build-Out

  Oct 15, 2021 ~ qathet Regional District will be engaging with the region on preferred communications methods

  July 6, 2021 ~ qathet Regional District Transitions From COVID-19 to Normal Operations

  July 2, 2021 ~ qRD media release regarding completion of Savary Island Volunteer Fire Department Upgrade Project

  June 30, 2021 ~ qRD Emergency Operations Centre effective midnight, June 30, 2021  

  June 25, 2021 ~ Candidate Being Chosen to Provide Organics Processing Services

  June 25, 2021 ~ Inv~~as~ ive Plant Technical Review Committee’s Invasive Species Drop-off Program

  June 23, 2021 ~ Savary Island Outdoor fires will be prohibited across all areas of Savary Island, beginning July 1, 2021

  June 9, 2021 ~ internet speed study where residents can have their say and influence Federal funding for improved broadband service in BC


To reach the qRD Powell RIver office  Call : 604-485-2260   or email :

Bleachers at Craig Park .

qRD seeks input : remove or replace bleachers in Craig Park.

The qathet Regional District (qRD) has asked for feedback about the bleachers at Craig Park. They are old and will cost $53,000 to replace . Do we want them rebuilt or are there other ideas as to upgrades to Craig Park that could benefit from the funds. It is great that the qRD is asking for input from us,  so please think about it.  

Add you voice using the email link button below, we'll add comments to this website which can be viewed by Patrick Devereaux at the qRD. Thanks from the LCS Board.

The Texada Island Recreation Commission (TIRC) has endorsed the removal of bleachers at Gillies Bay and the Van Anda ballfields.TIRC understands that there has not been a baseball game played in over ten years. Society is changing and sitting watching baseball games just doesn’t happen anymore. We think re-building them would be an unwise use of resources. Please let me know what the group thinks. 

In 2021, qRD will replace damaged floor boards in the gazebo.

Suggestions to date have included:


A bike trail, or skateboard park preserving trees encouraging outdoor recreation. 

A better platform for bands (the gazebo has terrible acoustics).

One request was that funds saved from rebuilding the bleachers be invested into upgrades for the Lund Gazebo. 

Frisbee golf course. 

Land Use By-laws

qRD moves to create land-use bylaws.


There has been a renewed effort by the qRD to create a set of bylaws that would  regulate land use and development in the region, this could mean things like housing inspections and other regulations. Folks have been vocal that this move could take away from what makes Lund special.  Here is the feasibility study the qRD requested, which came out last spring.

We have limited information on the timeline or consultation for this, but we will try to find out more and update this page as we learn more.